Tidal Lagoon Alive and Kicking

4th February 2019

Despite rumours to the contrary and the Governments preoccupation with Brexit, our Offshore Visitors Centre and the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon are very much alive and kicking.

Simply a great idea and the right thing to do will always prevail whatever obstacles are placed in front of it.

Tidal Lagoons are a fundamental part of the UK’s energy security, supply and form an important part of our low carbon generation not to be developed. The Tidal Lagoon Power company are now progressing a public-private partnership opportunity that society needs, with industry and local authorities to bring the project forward.

Our Visitors Centre has become the iconic landmark that now represents the clean renewable energy that this Pathfinder project will generate ahead of the tidal lagoon fleet around the UK, and we look forward to the project progressing.